Method Lorenzo

The basis of our method is the study of the movements of this sport. In our schools, students learn to perform them properly through the controlled repetition of technical exercises.

After 25 years optimizing our exercises, we have achieved a very high level of effectiveness, which allows us to guarantee spectacular progress in a short time

The result of our method is a very technical pilot with great mastery of the bike in all maneuvers of the sport, excellent physical shape and a high mind control.

Jorge Lorenzo, riding with elegant, precise, regular and safe, is a good example of the result of our work.

More than 60 victories in GG.PP. and five World Championships, are the best guarantee of our method.

There are numerous schools that have opened around the world, copying our method, not knowing the purpose of each exercise or not executing them properly.

If they use our technique exercises as a method of training and are not Schools, Careful you are cheating.

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